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Nilfisk s a supplier of professional cleaning equipment in both industrial, commercial and consumer markets. The company is headquartered in Brøndby, Denmark, with sales entities in 45 countries and dealers in more than 100 countries. Nilfisk has manufacturing facilities in various countries. It has approximately 4.844 employees worldwide. The company's core businesses are the supply of industrial and commercial cleaning machines and professional high-pressure cleaning equipment. Nilfisk also markets vacuum cleaners and high-pressure cleaners to consumers. The Nilfisk Group's main global brands are Nilfisk and Viper. The largest regional brands are Advance and Clarke. The company was owned by NKT Holding until late 2017. Nilfisk is a part of the United Nations Global Compact. The company was spun off by NKT Holdings in October 2017 and is now listed as an independent company on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

A former Mkt employee from Brooklyn Park, MN listed some of the CONS of working for Nilfisk in a review published by GLASSDOOR: - Constant change, new jobs 6-9 months - Declining sales YoY - Can't find a strategy and stick with it, like a dog chasing after the new shiny toy - Leadership team has no experience in cleaning and can't make decisions - Pay is below industry average


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Former Employee - Marketing says

"Constant change, new jobs 6-9 months Declining sales YoY Cant find a strategy and stick with it, like a dog chasing after the new shiny toy Leadership team has no experience in cleaning and can't make decisions Pay is below industry average"

Former Employee - Engineering says

"Pay is substantially lower than competitors. Management is clueless as to what is happening with their direct subordinates on the engineering side. Nilfisk doesn't give employees recognition they deserve. It is a common sight to see a new re-organization every year with at least 40 layoffs. During Covid-19 they didn't protect employees until positive tests came out and after that they said no one had contact with that person even if you had dealings with that person daily. They don't provide external training for employees unless they go back to school, or are prodded to send people out. They refuse to spend the money it takes to update their testing equipment, but expect perfection for results. You have no idea if you can advance in the organization since they don't provide growth charts, and don't provide long term advancement plans. Most days you go home stressed about how the day went, and you carry it to the next day. They "obsolete" platforms just to quietly bring them back because it's what the customer wants."

Current Employee - Area Manager says

"Expectations are rediculous and to achieve what is required takes more than 12+ hours per day. Horrible marketing documents which are fed out slowly and are not market/country specific. When a marketing campaign is dropped, you simply pile that on top of your 12-15 hour work load. Management belittle you for human error or oversights. Simple errors or misjudgements are turned back on you. Apologising is never enough. I've never worked in a business before where I felt like I couldn't even call/speak to my own boss."

Current Employee - Senior Engineer says

"1st line management and up micromanage everything. If one asks questions about design or project direction it is not uncommon to get answers like "you do the work I give you, the way I told you to do it!" even when you explain it will not work and here's why. Another great answer when trying to gather information on a mystery design one is suppose to develop was; "you ask me another question and I'll pull your badge! Now go design something!" This one was from a 2nd level that I was assigned to gather info from on their autonomous machine. Another joke is how they approached their autonomous machine and failed to hit any targets. After 10 plus years of watching the place go down hill, I would recommend looking elsewhere."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Whenever a new feature is announce for the product, nobody (especially management) knows what it does or how it works, leading to project-wide misunderstandings."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Micromanagement is a contact sport there!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Nobody works together or cares about the big picture. Going public made EVERYTHING about the $$$. Every department has made it clear every man for themselves. Directors are afraid to speak up. last one that did got transferred to the mailroom. Way to show your true workplace culture... Our business partners even know it. Check out linked in. Thanks for the commission pay cut."

Current Employee - Regional Manager says

"No longer a sales company. Finance runs the show focused ONLY on stock reporting. Finance has crippled market sales. Product quality and fill rate is a constant issue."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"- No professional growth opportunities - Constant (approximately every 9-15 months) reorganizing of company structure. - A lot of inter-department fighting and blame assigning. - Management cannot make and commit to decisions and are generally not approachable. - Overall poor company culture from most aspects. - Like to say all the latest buzzwords but nothing translates to action. - Short sighted when decisions are made, saving a dollar today, only to cost 10 tomorrow."

Former Employee - Sales says

"The last President was a great cheerleader but did zero to impact positive growth, ended up dragging the company into the gutter. They shuffle the same bad managers around without making the right changes and fail to eliminate under performers."

Csomagoló (Current Employee) says

"A vezetők csak a saját anyagi érdekükkel törődnek.A dolgozókra,mindíg rendelkezésre álló eszközként tekintenek.1 műszakAlacsony bérek, kényszer túlórák, létbizonytalanság"

field service (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company to work for. Management sucks. They said operating radius within two hrs. of home, but ten plus hour days not uncommon. Tech support non existant.noneeverything"

Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"Worse place I have Ever worked!!!!! No management support, no advancement unless you are in the click or under the desk!Nothing whatsoeverManagement, backstabbing coworkers, awful insurance"

Customer Care/Tech Support Representative (Current Employee) says

"Employees are treated like disposible commodities who are under appreciated and over worked. You aren't allowed to have an opinion, don't question anything and never have an original thought. Huge turn over at this company between the firing squad (management and HR) and all of the current staff always looking for a new job and leaving. Bad politics, cliquey and mean management, unsupportive and lazy team leads who are just there for the paycheck and HR only supports management and the big wigs. You will be praised for a job well done one day and reported to HR the next by that same person, trust no one and always watch your back! At Nilfisk the crime will never fit the punishment. Terrible benefits, no career advancement and bad politics. Time off requests often denied. No work life balance. Ask any current or past employee if they'd ever refer a friend to Nilfisk, it's always one of two replies ... no way or never!NoneNo breaks, bad healthcare and time off benefits"

Buyer/Planner (Former Employee) says

"People are worried about others back stabbing, scared to give out information that would be helpful. No formal job descriptions but very forward computer system.job didn't last long.long commute"

Operátor inkább csomagoló robot (Former Employee) says

"Negatív. Nagyon rossz, monoton, robotoknak veszik az embereket."

National Sales & Loan Manager (Former Employee) says

"Excellent product. Mismanaged company. A couple of great managers there, however, the GM manages by fear and retaliation.Customers and the HydraMaster machinnes.Managed by fear and retaliation."

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"On the surface, Nilfisk looks like a great place to work. Don't be fooled! You have a toxic culture the has been fueled by inefficient management. It taints everything you do even if you think you can rise above it. Some folks have been there 30 years. They're not about to change. That would require them to actually learn something new. Trust me, they're not up to it. If you try to change something, you're in trouble. A couple of these people should still be using a rock and chisel to communicate. Need help from HR? LOL Now that's a laugh! Company is having a hard time meeting numbers for shareholders so hiring is at a minimum. Jobs constantly eliminated, outsourced, etc. There are lots of other great places to work in Northwest Arkansas. Forget about this place! UGH!"

Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Such a bad company to work for, the management are only out to line their own pockets and could not give two hoots about anybody else. The staff turn over shows just how bad this company is.NoneLong hours, False bonus schemes"

Assistante commerciale (Current Employee) says

"Chez Nilfisk vous n'êtes pas respectée en tant qu'être humain. Aucune considération. Management minable. Tout est question de copinage et plus si affinités et il y a beaucoup d'affinités. Les managers sont d'ailleurs choisie sur ce critères la plupart du temps. Le salaire par rapport au travail fourni et minable. De belles promesses mais jamais rien qui vient. Des manager qui n'ont pas les qualifications pour faire ce travail et mener une équipe! A FUIR ABSOLUMENT!!!!AucunTout"

Data Entry Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Was not a good experience to work there. Fellow employees were rude and a CYA attitude, you were thrown under the bus continually. There were too many people eating lunch at there desk, the keyboard I inherited was disgusting!"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"This company is the Titanic and it has already hit the ice berg. The ship is filling up with water and it is only a matter of time before the ship sinks completely and the USA operations are moved abroad. Stay away. Look elsewhere unless you are desperate.The health benefits are okay compared with other companies.Absolutely NO employee development opportunities (internal or external), Health benefits getting worse, poor salary compensation, poor raises, lack of effective cross-communication, people are hired because their price is right vs. being the best person for the job, lack of direction from middle management, it's all about the numbers for Production, lack of organizational methods."

Addetto ufficio Qualità magazziniere autista (Former Employee) says

"la ditta danese ci ha comunicato la chiusura della ditta per motivi aziendali"

Senior Engineering Technician (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work. Toxic environment. This company once had a proud history as Advance Machine, employing manufacturing personnel in the Machinists Union, and now has reduced the building and quality of their product to a whimper, at a much downsized facility, of what it used to be, transferring their manufacturing to Mexico, and producing a far inferior product to what it was in the past. I was called in to do the engineering testing of one of their first major machines made in Mexico. Very poor quality compared to their original product. Most of their original staff has left the company for these reasons.Pay is competitiveCulture is very poor."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Oppressive and unreasonable management from local to headquarters in the Netherlands. No regard for employees and employment law. Discriminatory. Manage by fear."

MRO BUYER/PLANNER (Former Employee) says

"The poor management is the biggest downfall of the company. They do not care how many hours you have to put in as long as they get their bonus. No advancement is possible. Highly stressful job as you never know when they will decide to close the doors.Pay checkLong salary hours, no advancement."

Comptable clients (Former Employee) says

"Très mauvaise ambiance au service comptabilité, trop de favoritisme Je ne commande pas du tout cette société"

Director Innovation & Growth (Current Employee) says

"The company is going through a reorg which is de-stabling. People are nice. Leadership has no strategy. The complete leadership (except for 2) recycled in 12 months."

Raktár (Former Employee) says

"Őszintén szólva.egy Nagy kaki mint munkahely.13evig dolgoztam nem volt jó.elore jutás lehetséges ha rokon vagy haver vagy.amugy esélyed nincs.nem a munkád alapján lépsz előre.a vezetőség nem ért a munkájához.13ev ott dolgozott idő alatt.kutyaba sem vesznek.ha valaki még is ott szeretne dolgozni.nem ajánlom.CafeteriaVezetőség szar"

Internal Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Wonderful products but bad service delivery from staff due to poor or no training. Management does not encourage their employees to grow and be better at what they do. They need to give better training to their staff.Nice work employees and an opportunity to earn commissionBad management and little training"

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